Who We Are

gospel centered missional community



Faith in Christ alone through grace alone for salvation

God promised to save humanity from the power and penalty of sin.  In fulfillment of that promise Jesus lived, died, rose again, appeared, ascended, and is returning to judge the World in righteousness.  All who believe in him receives forgiveness of sins, adoption as God's children, new life through the indwelling Holy Spirit, and belonging in his family:  The Church.  We gather because of Jesus, to celebrate Jesus, and to grow to become more like Jesus in the way we act, think, and speak.  We scatter to proclaim Jesus and live each day by his power and teaching for the good of our society and ultimately his honor.


The Gospel creates Christian Community...

A Gospel for all people means a church of all people.  The Gospel creates and shapes Christian community.  All who believe in Christ become part of his Church.  Jesus didn't just intend to save individuals and leave them to themselves.  He intended to build his church (Mt 16.18).  We are committed to building and promoting genuine Christian community that goes beyond a Sunday formality and overflows into our everyday lives.



For the progress of the Gospel in us and through us, locally, and globally...

God has given his Church a responsibility to tell others about the good news of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.  We are committed to taking every opportunity to proclaim the Gospel locally and globally.  Included in this mission is our commitment to build a strong and mature Church organized under qualified leadership and submitted to the teaching of Christ as delivered in the Scriptures.  As individuals we are committed to live lives that adorn the Gospel, and speak words that make it clear.  As a community we are committed to use our energy, resources, and talents to work for the progress of the Gospel in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, across the Mid-West, and around the World.